Who I am


My name is Noemi Somenzi: born and grown up in Rivarolo del Re, in the state of Cremona, since my childhood I have been interested in my father's work, the master luthier Davide Somenzi, who I have always observed and sometimes assisted in the creation of stringed instruments. During my teen years I attended the High School of Art: those years were for me particularly precious because they gave me the opportunity to develop my creativity all-round and above all to know wood as a material and the tools for crafting it. Then I specialized myself at the International School of Violin Makers of Cremona, where I graduated in 2019. During the years at the School, I often entertwined studying and working in my father's workshop, thanks to which grew up the great passion for my work: I learned from him the techniques and rules of Cremonese violin making but above all I learned how important it is devoting time to research in every aspect of construction, from varnish to sound, to create truly unique pieces.

Since 2020 I decided to take my own path, and I moved to Ranzo, in province of Trento, where I opened my personal workshop in which I mainly work on the construction of modern stringed instruments, but also on maintenance and repair.

In 2022 I spent some time in the workshop of master Burkhard Mayer in Würzbrg, mainly to learn how to rehair modern bows. Thanks to master Mayer I was also able to perfect the technique of the restoration of the baroque and modern bows.